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Affordable Web Designer For Small Businesses

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​My name is Zoltan Mende. I am an experienced web designer from London. As an entrepreneur myself— I have been running various micro-businesses since my late teens— I can fully relate to the feeling of when a new business can`t afford to pay a fortune for web design services. That is why I offer high-quality websites at the best available rates for small businesses and individuals. From simple landing pages to complete online stores, blogs or detailed portfolios, you can choose from a variety of web design packages. Scroll down for details!

You may have seen other web designers offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. I go a step beyond that! I`m happy to build your website first, and you only need to pay me if you are happy with the result.


I'm confident, that I will make a website you love. We will stay in touch all the way from the beginning until the launch of your page, as I prefer to listen to my customers' feedback even during the development process. And my job is not done until you are 100% happy with the result.

But, what happens, if you don't like my work? Nothing. You can simply say no. No offence will be taken, and you haven`t spent a penny on the project.

Our journey doesn't end when we launch your website. I provide free support for 90 days if you need assistance to keep your page tidy and up to date.

My clients also enjoy free access to my video tutorials about how to edit, update and maintain these websites. This content is only available on paid online education pages for others. No coding needed, promise!

High-Quality Websites at The Best Prices

No Upfront Payment is Needed

Fully Responsive Design

Ninety-Day Free Website Support

Professional Websites

Professional Websites

From $137!

I make sure your new website will look great across all browsers and devices. It's way more than being "mobile friendly". I'll build your website in three "versions", optimised for desktop, tablet and for mobile, and will use completely different structures where needed.


However, that is only the beginning of the story, as laptop/desktop screens can be very different from each other, just as mobile phones come in a variety of sizes. I use the latest CSS grid layout system and measure the content in percentage, viewport width or height instead of simply in pixels. This allows me to build websites that follow and fill out the screen nicely whatever its size, so your visitors will enjoy the best user experience.

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  • One bespoke landing page (max 4 sections)

  • Fully responsive, mobile-friendly

  • SSL certification

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization

  • Favicon, social media icons, links

  • Royalty-free photos, videos if needed

  • 90 days free of charge website support

  • Delivery within 5 days

Start-Up Pro

Web Design Package



  • Everything that "Start-Up Pro" includes, plus: 

  • Up to three bespoke pages

  • Unique photo galleries

  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization

  • Delivery within 7 days


Web Design Package



  • Everything that "Brochure" includes, plus: 

  • Up to five bespoke pages

  • E-Commerce, Bookings, Member's section, Forums, Blogs

  • Custome requests

  • Delivery within 10 days

Business Plus

Web Design Package



I will do the job first.

You only pay me, if satisfied!