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by Zoltan Mende. Last update: 18/12/2020

12 minutes read.

Are personal actor websites necessary for talented artists in order to boost their career? Granted, all superstars have their page but are actor portfolio websites really indispensable in this age of social media? Dozens of casting sites are available to upload your reel, as well as your Insta shines and grows day by day. Should you bother with your own site at all? And how much does website design cost for actors? 

I`ve done some comprehensive research. Give me five minutes and I`ll tell you what did I find. On top of that, I`m happy to offer you the most affordable website design package that you will find on the market.

Actors` Website Design, Affordable Web Design for $87!

Do Actors Need a Website?

In short, yes. Definitely.


In detail: You may already have an established Instagram and Facebook account with an ever-growing, highly engaged follower base. That`s great and you should really keep up the good work. But even these social media platforms ask for your "website URL" in the BIO. And they do it for a reason.

If You are Serious About Your Career, You Need an Actor Website!

You should treat your career like a business, and today, no business can afford to neglect their online presence. So having a personal website for actors is non-negotiable: one of the core components of your marketing strategy. It’s a great place for people to contact you, also a hub for your IMDb, casting profiles, and social media.

Studio execs, producers, and casting directors often Google talent when making tough casting decisions. Even if you are new in the industry, a website is a sign for talent agencies that you take your career seriously. It will make you look more professional, become searchable, and give you credibility.

Whether you specialize in TV, films, commercials, theatre, or voice-over, a well-crafted website is a ‘must-have.’ With all your personal information gathered in one place, this piece of online real estate is your chance to present yourself in the best light.

Your Website: Your Name, Your Brand, Your Domain

Ideally, your performing name should be your website domain. If you are lucky enough to find the URL "" available, you should act fast and grab it now while you can. Your name is your brand, and who knows where your career will lead you. It`s better to buy it now for a tenner than try to make a deal with that sharp-witted businessman who reserved it just before your Hollywood outbreak.

Is your name available? Check it now!

Having your name as your domain is significantly more than a matter of vanity. Search engines are the rulers of our new world; algorithms decide whether they make you famous or keep your talent a hidden secret. None of the Hollywood producers or late-night show hosts has ever had even half the power that Google`s search engine holds right now.

This omnipotent ruler considers various factors that determine whether you are at the top of the page or not, but first and foremost is the URL. When someone Googles you, and your name is the URL of your personal website, it will be one of the first things that come up, offering easily accessible first-hand information, and giving you full control over what you want to reveal about yourself. Probably your website is the only place that you can control yourself.

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It has photorealistic mockups, professional logos, and videos, as well as unlimited content creation in seconds for the price of three pints. And of course, you can try it for free!

Super fast delivery! Launch your website in 72 hours!






Social Media vs. Personal Actor Website

It`s not a question of "or", but a clear statement of "and." A professional working actor needs both social media presence and a personal website. Your homepage is so-called for a reason. Just as in real life, it`s cool to hang out and socialize, but you want a place that you call home, where you have your stuff together.

Instagram and Facebook can grow your fan-base fast and help you to maintain a connection with your audience, but those who make decisions about your next role need to take a deeper look at your professional side.

Casting directors don’t have the time (or the inclination) to scour your social media feed to find what they are looking for. An impressive online portfolio that showcases your proudest work, front and center, will lay out everything that casting directors and talent agencies need at their fingertips. Browsing your personal website is the easiest way to learn more about you, all in one place.


​So let`s get started! We can launch your website in 3 days following our initial consultation!

social media or personal actor website is the better? Actors on stage

What Does the Expert Say - Heidi Dean

Heidi is one of the industry’s top social media experts. Check out what does she say in her relevant Youtube video. Her channel also worths a visit, she is publishing useful social media tips for actors every Thursday.

Be a Pro with Your Custom Email!

Even if you love to message your friends on Insta, WhatsApp, or Messenger, I bet you still send and receive emails. You have big plans, so it`s time to be professional.


Try these;


What do you think; which will look best on your business card? Your own custom email costs only a little extra, but little details matter; they make the bigger picture look cool.

Profile on a Casting Website vs. Personal Website

Having your profile on various casting websites is fab, as casting directors often browse these sites. But what if someone finds you on Instagram? Where would you direct them if they want to know more about you?


If you were a pair of Nike sneakers, where would you prefer to be shown? On the shelf of Sports Direct, alongside dozens of other brands, or in the big window of your Oxford Circus flagship store, with the full street-front dedicated to you?


Why would you send a casting director to a website full of your competitors, instead of showing your own professional actor website to close the deal and get your role for that movie?​​

Why would you send a casting director to an agency page full of your competitors, instead of showing your own professional website?

Profile on a Casting Website or Personal Website is Better? Actress and Cameraman in Work

No Upfront Payment Needed!

I`ll Do the Job First, You Pay Me After (Only if Satisfied)!

Most online service providers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, but I`ll go a step further: As I`m 100% confident that I can build you a website you will be satisfied with, you don`t need to pay anything upfront, nor sign any contract. I will build your website first, and you will only pay if you are happy and want me to publish it. If not, just say no: no offence will be taken.

Don`t Want to Pay at All? You Can Build it Yourself!

However, you don`t even need to hire me, if you don`t want to! I bet you, if you go to Wix now, you will be able to create a great website in a few hours on your own. I published a post recently and walked through the most common myths and preconceptions regarding this super easy to use website builder.

It is very much self-explanatory, however, it is still a huge platform with countless tools, tricks, and hidden shortcuts, so there is always room for new skills. I`ve spent thousands of hours on it and within a few weeks, I will launch my A-Z video tutorial, the most comprehensive Wix course that you can find on the web. It will be available only on paid online educational platforms, but if you sign up to my newsletter, I will send you free access to it as soon as I have released the class.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! No upfront payment needed, only pay me if you are satisfied!

Affordable Web Design:

Your Personal Actor Website for the Price of a Dinner

I create websites for actors at the best available rates on the market. Get your professional site built without spending a fortune on it. It won`t cost you more than a dinner for two with a bottle of wine.

Limited-Time Offer:

Full Personal Website Development for Actors


Website for Voice Actors

Of course, every voice-over talent needs their own website, as well. If you specialize in providing your voice for projects, the list of your potential clients is even broader than for regular actors.

You can get a call from the film industry at any time, but you should also target the private sector. Micro and small entrepreneurs nowadays need to create more video presentations than ever, and not everyone is comfortable with—or capable of— acting for voiceover on the professional level that their project requires. The owner of this website—an online entrepreneur with his terrible Hungarian accent could tell you more about that feeling...

I will build your professional voiceover website where you can showcase your portfolio, samples, and demo. We can go further: Your clients can upload their scripts, project requirements, place their order, and complete payment, all in one place.

Get in touch, and take your voiceover business to the next level!



Voiceover artist in work - we build website for them too.