The Ultimate Digital Content Creator for Social Media and Websites

by Zoltan Mende. Last update: 08/01/2021

10 minutes read.

A short story comes to mind here about how I found the king of digital content creator tools. A super-easy-to-use, high-tech social media content generator and the ultimate goldmine for any web designer. It has photorealistic mockups, professional logos, and videos, as well as unlimited content creation in seconds for the price of three pints. And of course, you can try it for free!

I`m afraid, I must start this post with a cringeworthy confession. Most of the photos that you see on my website are fake. I mean, completely fake.


When I am writing articles, I sit in my old, worn armchair in my rented North-London flat. That means I don`t even own the armchair... I don`t have—and never have had—a fancy office, let alone the stylish lobby that you can see at the bottom of my homepage. My adverts have never been displayed on huge electric house-front billboards. I have never published a book, so in real life, you will hardly see a comely young lady reading my weighty tome in a coffee-shop while taking a sip of her tea. Needless to say, I do not have a fragrance brand; neither do I brew craft beers.

Actually, I could afford to have a coffee mug with my logo printed on it, but—you guessed it—that video is fake too.

A cringeworthy confession - they`re all fake...

So how much time have I spent creating these fake photos and footages? Or was it hard to learn to make them? After being exposed as a notorious liar, at least let me be proud of the fact that they look quite real, don`t you agree?

Revolutionary Visual Content Creator: the Treasure I Found During Lockdown  

Well, another confession follows here: I`m not at the highest level of fine art. At the beginning of the damn lockdown, suddenly becoming a time millionaire, I tried my luck in the print-on-demand T-shirt industry. It was a complete failure. I was super-confident that my funny T-shirt designs were the best memes up and across the planet, however, my potential customers sadly didn`t agree. Or, let me not wreck my self-esteem completely, they were just cost-conscious at the beginning of a global pandemic. Makes sense. So I haven`t sold a single T-shirt.


People were too cost-conscious, my funny shirts didn`t sell...

Never mind, I have taken away something great from that adventure! While searching for a solution to illustrate my (super funny) T-shirts, I found an online tool, called Place It. It is a cloud-based mockup creation software that allows even a five-year-old to create photorealistic mockups in two minutes.

Upload a photo, a logo, a drawing—whatever you want—in .jpg or .png format, crop it, set the size and the software does the magic in a few seconds. For many of the templates, you can even upload a video! And here we go, my slightly oversized head looks back at me from the giant billboard! Or from the cover of a book! Or from the T-shirt of a dancing girl! And the photo even follows the crease of the shirt when the girl moves. My jaw dropped.

A few clicks, and here we go; my slightly oversized head looks back at me from the giant billboard.

After a few minutes of fun checking out how I would look on magazine covers if my football career had been less of a failure than it was, I looked around thoroughly to see what else this platform has to offer. And my jaw dropped again. 


There are 30,000 photos and videos to choose from allowing you to create your photorealistic mockups in seconds. All of them are professional and at the highest level you can imagine. There is every single niche you can imagine: product photos, mobile or desktop screens, billboards, posters, clothing, packaging—literally anything. And new templates are being released constantly, reflecting current affairs. By early June, mockups featuring mask-wearing men, women, and children were included in all versions.

Unlimited Website and Social Media Content Creation for $14.95

Creating something similar a few years back would have cost you three or even four figures hiring the cameraman and models, or a high-end 3D illustrator for simple product mock-ups. Now? Just $14.95 a month, or $89.69 a year (making it $7.47 per month) and you can play around, and create unlimited photos and videos in a fraction of a minute.

Seriously, why would you buy the run-of-the-mill stock photos once you have found this? Having some content to illustrate your niche is one thing. Publishing high-quality photos and videos featuring and promoting your own brand is on another level.

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Use This Digital Content Creator to Build Brand Awareness

The opportunities that this site offers are way beyond 3D product illustration. My favourite part is creating content that you can use to build and strengthen brand awareness, regardless of your niche, whether you selling physical products or services, running a community platform, or simply blogging. A bit of creativity goes a long way and your opportunities are endless in giving that bit of extra glamour to your website (or social media) to make it visually stand out.

Entrepreneurs at the very beginning of their journey often suffer a lot in getting enough content to keep all of their platforms up to date and varied.

Are you selling toys? A smiling little boy with his mom can browse your website. Do you run a restaurant and want to say something about home deliveries? Make a bunch of happy friends order food from your app to their house party! Mom and daughter can be making magic in the kitchen, wearing your recipe blog`s branded t-shirt; a young lady can be doing her workout on your (needless to say) branded yoga-mat, and so on. You won`t be short of content anymore—and not only content but branded content!

You can create your branded yoga-mat with this mockup generator.

"A young lady doing her workout on your branded yoga-mat..."

Branded Visual Content for Websites - Family Cooking
Branded Visual Content for Websites - Family Cooking

press to zoom
Boy Plays in a t-shirt branded with your logo
Boy Plays in a t-shirt branded with your logo

press to zoom
Visual Content for Websites - Desktop Screen Mockup
Visual Content for Websites - Desktop Screen Mockup

press to zoom
Branded Visual Content for Websites - Family Cooking
Branded Visual Content for Websites - Family Cooking

press to zoom

Featuring your logo on stock photos and videos helps you to build brand awareness.

Video Content Creator Plus Everything You Need for Social Media

The story doesn`t end with mockups. Thousands of modern, stylish pre-set social media posts and story templates in all shapes and ratio are available, with both images and videos. There are also banners, YouTube thumbnails, birthday cards, business cards, music album covers, etc. The place is nothing less than a goldmine, especially for social media marketers. And do not forget the video content creator which includes sliders, intros, outros and animations, all based on the latest trends. Simply set the titles and text you want, drag and drop your photos or footage, and your fancy short video is ready to go. You can`t go wrong!

Pre-set social media post and story templates, easy to use video content creator.

Bonus: The Logo Maker That Will Save You the Cost of Your "Fiverr Logo Designer"

Another surprise for you: the Placeit logo maker! There are static and animated logos and countless templates and styles in this super-easy to use self-explanatory drag-and-drop platform. I`m not gonna say that this logo creator gives you all the knowledge, experience and artistic sense that high-end designers gain through years of experience, but while you are a newbie entrepreneur starting a micro-business, I guess you would not hire them anyway—unless you`re ready to spend $500+ on your logo only.

With Placeit on board, you don`t even need to hire the semi-pros from Fiverr (range of $30-$100), as most likely they will use the same software anyway. Look around, play around, and create your own masterpiece. The price is included your monthly $15 subscription.

Watch the Entire Process in Three Minutes: How to Create a Logo and Fancy Branded Visual Content

Watch this short video and I`ll show you the entire process in three minutes. Okay, in real-time it took me about 10 minutes, but for creating a logo and making two high-quality branded stock photos featuring it, that is still not bad, is it?

Branding made easy - The entire process in three minutes

Try it now for free!

Tempted? Check and try Placeit for free! You can create awesome stuff without a subscription. There are some free-to-use templates which you can even download without paying a penny, but for the most part, you will need to pull out your credit card and spend the price of that three pints, if you want to download and use the content you make. But first you can make the content for free. Only buy them if you love them. You will. ;)



Branded mockup of a woman holds your mug, wearing your T-shirt. Made in 10 minutes with this Digital Content Creator.