Which is the Best Affordable Website Design Solution for Entrepreneurs? WordPress or Wix is Better?

by Zoltan Mende. Last update: 29/01/2021

15 minutes read.

You don`t have to be a professional web designer anymore to build a stunning website. Wix offers an easy to use platform that is an affordable website design solution for entrepreneurs on a tight budget. By building your own site on Wix instead of hiring a web designer, you will save at least $600. But can this website deliver the same benefits as a "traditional" site would offer you? WordPress or Wix is better?

Let`s walk through the most common myths and preconceptions regarding Wix and see whether if they are true, or rather just a shadow of the past.

Affordable Website Design Solution. Wordpress or Wix is better?

Which is better WordPress or Wix?

Well, in life, nothing is black or white, and the answer to this question is also a matter of your viewpoint.


Let`s be realistic. Unless you have at least a basic knowledge in coding, you won`t be able to create a quality WordPress site. But hiring a professional web designer starts around $600-$800, which is often way too much for a newbie entrepreneur. Meanwhile, using Wix you can do it all on your own with ease.

Five years back, we urgently needed a website for our newly founded little cargo-bike business, but we had zero budget and no chance of hiring a web designer. Then I found Wix, and thought; "Hey, I can do it myself!" So I did.


For me, Wix opened the door of the online world, despite I had a very limited budget and almost zero knowledge in IT. I was able to present our little business online from the very first day and of course, I could keep developing my "Wix web designer" skills by the time. Nowadays I know way more about how to utilize the advanced features that this platform has to offer, just as Wix itself has become much more complex and professional as used to be. But don`t worry, it`s still a super easy to use site builder.


Many of you are probably in those very shoes, where I was at my time. Know next to nothing about IT, but want a website. Because let`s make it clear. Having an own personal page as an online hub for your resume, social media profiles, information regarding your previous projects, jobs, etc will show you in a more professional light even if you work nine to five. You may receive your paychecks as an employee, but you should treat your career as a business. And today, no business can afford to neglect their online presence.


I just wrote another post recently, why I think that having a personal website for actors is non-negotiable. And I could replace actors with many other professions. Wix makes it possible for non-tech people to build and publish a website on their own.

So, I can truly say that from my perspective, Wix was (and still is) a great solution for my needs; affordable solution for custom, professional web design. However, not everyone agrees.

This old version of pedivan.co.uk was the very first website that I`ve built on Wix with zero experience. The design has changed by the time, but Pedivan is still successfully using Wix.

I`ve Built an Affordable Website on my Own, but I Had to Face Some Sarcasm...

I lost count of the number of times I have faced criticism from my web developer mates since I`ve been using Wix.

At the very moment when I proudly showed my first self-built website to my friends (who happened to be qualified IT professionals), the stream of sarcasm began. Fair play to them, they offered us their help, building a "proper" website, even for free.

However, that was way too late. I`m obstinate enough to reject any offer which starts like "You can`t do this, let me do it," even if it hails from the most honest helpfulness. I thankfully implemented some of their suggestions regarding design and typography and modified several parts of the site, but I didn`t want to hear about discarding my little baby and replacing it with a shiny WordPress page.

And now, five years later, I could not be happier about my self-willed attitude. We had ongoing banter during the past years whenever the subject of Wix came up, however, they could not divert me from using this platform. I still learned a lot from these chats, even how to use Wix in a better way, something for which I`m also very thankful.

Affordable Web Designer`s website screenshot. The site was built on Wix.

Needless to say, I`ve built my own website on Wix too.

What else could I choose if not Wix?

First, Wix and WordPress are not the only two options. If you are loaded enough to spend thousands of dollars on a quite simple website, you can hire a developer who will build you a unique, custom page. 

Other easy-to-use platforms have also appeared on the market in the past few years; most of them try to follow Wix. Usually, they are not as "nerd-friendly" like WordPress, and not as easy to use as Wix, so in this article, I won`t dedicate too much attention for them. However, if you want to start an AliExpress dropshipping business, Shopify may be a good solution for you, as the two platforms work very well together. Squarespace is also worth a look, but I still think that WordPress is better for semi-pros and Wix for relative beginners.

So I have already hinted my opinion; if you have IT veins, and you are familiar with/interested in learning code, WordPress can be a good option for you. However, if you`ve never tried to code, you are not planning to start an IT career, and you would rather spend your time focusing on your actual business, then do not study coding for the sake of building one single website.

But I have no doubt that you want the best for your business, so whichever is less likely to lead you to success must not be an option. Let`s get into details!

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The evoluiton if Wix`s Website Editor, 2007-2021
  • 2007: launched as a basic website builder based on Adobe Flash.

  • 2010: 3.5 million users and US$10 million in Series C funding.

  • 2011: 8.5 million users and US$40 million in Series D funding.

2007 - 2021

The Evolution of Wix

  • 2012: launched a new HTML5 site builder, replacing the Adobe Flash technology.
  • 2014-2016: launched WixHive API, Wix Hotels, Wix Music, Wix Restaurant.
  • 2017: Wix Code (re-branded to Corvid API in 2020)


  • 2017: Advanced SEO tool Wix SEO Wizard arrives.

  • 2020: 180 million users from 190 countries worldwide.




$87 +hosting

Is Wix Good for Business? 180 Million Users Chose to Use Wix, but it Carries a Shadow from the Past

Why do many web developers dislike Wix so passionately? To be fair, this detractive attitude used to have a valid reason. Back in the days when Wix launched as a startup (2007), their only goal was to offer a platform that`s as easy to use as possible for creating relatively good-looking websites. Knowing that their targeted audience has no clue about SEO or about the difference between front- and backend, they didn`t bother about these too much. So an almost rudimentary software was launched which was based on Adobe Flash. It was super-easy to use, and you could build something that looked like a website. Such a pity, Google can`t read Adobe Flash, so you had almost zero chance to be found organically.

Soon the guys realized that they had found a goldmine with the concept of their easy-to-use website builder. However, if they wanted to play big, a Google-friendly system was urgently needed. And where there is need and demand, alongside with millions of dollars in funds, there soon comes a solution. The Adobe Flash technology was replaced completely by an HTML5 site builder in 2012, but the bad memory of that old Flash still hangs around Wix just like flies above the garden loo. And some qualified web developers are keen to keep them around, somehow understandably. I`ll tell you more about that in a bit.


The resolved Flash issue is only one element that belongs to history now. Wix has constantly evolved its platform since then. New features come up frequently and comparing the initial site builder to that what you will find today is something like mentioning Fred Flintstone`s car on the same page as a Tesla.

Wix has changed a lo since the flash-based era, just like Flintstone`s car vs Tesla.

Wix has changed a lot since the Flash-based era. It`s like comparing Fred Flintstone`s car to a Tesla.

Girl browsing wix website templates.

One tell-tale sign is that, by using the Wix SEO Wizard, your website gets indexed on Google within minutes. This privilege doesn`t come as a default with all site builders, so if you smell some special deal between the two giants, you`re probably close to the truth. Wix currently hosts above 180 million websites from 190 countries, and these metrics can`t be overlooked even by Google anymore. In 2019 their revenue hit 1 billion USD. You can imagine, a company that plays with this chunk of cash in a rapidly growing market, seeing a vast growth potential, will hardly settle for mediocre quality or run-of-the-mill developers. In fact, some of the world`s best IT professionals work on making Wix better and better.

The New Era of IT: Building the Tools, Not the End Products.

The game is changing, and it`s not only the website development trade which lives an era of reform but the IT sector in general. The biggest brains don`t work on building the end product anymore. The best professionals are developing affordable, easy-to-use, cloud-based tools that make it possible for "Joe Public" to create the end product—whatever he needs for his online presence.

I just published another post recently about my favourite digital content creator tool, which allows a five-year-old to make photorealistic mockups (images and videos) in minutes. A few years back, you had to hire a talented 3D animator for those jobs, or even models and a cameraman to record them in real life. Now it costs $15 a month, and you make as much as you want. Video editors are similar. Using the also cloud-based software WeVideo, you don`t even need a decent PC anymore to make a video clip for yourself which is good enough to be played on the MTV Chart (just in case you also sing well, or at least look super-hot).


Most of those 180 million websites which have been made on Wix are created by Joe Public, the site owner himself. (sorry ladies, I just don`t know a funny female alternative for "Joe Public," but of course, women are—at least—as talented in Wix web design as men, if not more...) The majority of these site owners could not previously afford a website, but some of them would`ve hired a real web designer if Wix wasn`t around.


And as Wix keeps getting better, this trend will accelerate; more “Joe Publics” will build their own sites instead of paying a web designer. So, getting back to the question of why so many web developers dislike Wix, I feel some similarity here to the traditional taxi driver vs. Uber driver effect. One knows the city like the back of his hand, the other comes with a newly bought satnav and suddenly is able to do the same job on (almost) the same level. To be fair, I can understand their feelings, but this is how life goes these days.

However, let me make it clear, I do not underestimate the importance of real web developers and designers. There are plenty of projects that you won`t be able to materialize on Wix—or at least not yet, but who knows what will the future bring? 

Professional Web Developers will always needed, but Wix democratized web design

Professional web developers will be always needed but the new easy to use platforms democratized web design. Newbie entrepreneurs can create their own website and digital content.






Save $600+ But Enjoy a Professional Website that Does the Perfect Job

On the other hand, thinking about what the average newly launched small business needs from its website, in 90% of the cases Wix will do the job perfectly. And you can easily build it for yourself, even if you have never written a single line of code.

This means you will save at least $600-$800, which is the bare minimum price for a good WordPress site, done by a web designer. (You don`t want to have a bad WP site, that is way worse than any other solution.) You may have this budget available but think about it for a minute. If you can build a website of the same quality for yourself, why not look for a better way to use this money? Some additional marketing, new assets, etc. A bit of extra budget will always come in handy for a new business.

While you think about which is better, WordPress or Wix to start with, there is another potential long term saving opportunity here to consider: Page maintenance. As the initial cost of website design is only the beginning. If you have a WordPress site built by a designer, you may learn the very basics changing or uploading further content, but your opportunities will be very limited when want to modify the design, add new pages, etc. And trust me, new ideas will come up in your head. I don`t know how others feel about it, but once I have an idea of what I want to change on my site, I feel the entire page is imperfect until I have done it. If you have a similar mindset (most entrepreneurs do), you will call your web designer often and will see his/her name on your bank statement a lot. Using Wix, this will not be an issue.

Get Free Access to my A-Z Video Tutorial: How to Build a Custom Website on Wix

My A to Z Wix video tutorial is the most complex available class on the web.

I will release my 3-hour-long A-Z Wix tutorial on paid online educational platforms within weeks. Sign up to my newsletter to get free access for it.

Okay, but I mentioned a website of the same quality. Can you do it? Regarding design and user experience, you won`t have any problems; Wix is especially strong in this area. I bet you, if you go to Wix now, you will be able to create a reasonably good-looking website in a few hours on your own. While it is very much self-explanatory, it is still a huge platform with countless tools, tricks, and hidden shortcuts, so there is always room for new skills. I`ve spent thousands of hours on it and within a few weeks, I will launch my A-Z video tutorial, the most comprehensive Wix course that you can find on the web. It will be available only on paid online educational platforms, but if you sign up to my newsletter, I will send you free access to it as soon as I have released the class.

This class is to be made to cut down your learning curve to the fraction. After watching the approximately 3-hour tutorial, you will be able to build a professional website on the same day.

I Can Build Your Website too: Affordable Web Design Packages from $87!

You can also hire me to create your site; my full website design packages start at $87! I guarantee that you will be able to maintain your page on your own, so you won`t need to pay me anymore. However, 90-day free support is included in all of my packages, just in case you need some help at the beginning.

Wix and Search Engine Optimization

Wix and Search Engine Optimization

And what about search engine optimization? Will you be found on Google? Will your website bring you as many leads as a WordPress site would? First, the new, modern Wix Editor offers all the tools what small and medium businesses need for on-page SEO. You can find a comprehensive analysis of Wix SEO here, written by the globally acknowledged IT blogger, Josep Garcia (Website Tool Tester)

I also have another post coming up soon about what should you bear in your mind about SEO when you plan and build your website. However, SEO is never an overnight success; if you follow this blueprint, you can be way ahead many of your competitors. I won`t make irresponsible promises, especially because of your success in SEO matters on multiple factors, but for sure, you won't suffer any disadvantage compared to websites running on WordPress. A senior Google employee, John Mueller, also confirmed publicly on a Google forum that Wix websites work fine in Google search.

Site safety, customer support and pricing.

Another often-overlooked factor is safety. If you choose WordPress, your web designer will let you go on your own as soon as your website is ready. Your website will require regular updates if you want to keep it safe, and there is no customer support team to watch your back. Okay, there is an online community where you can ask for help and visit forums with your questions, but if you are not a tech-savvy you will get confused a lot. Meanwhile, regular automated updates are included with all Wix plans, and word-class IT experts work constantly on keeping your site safe and up to date with the latest requirements. You don`t even need to know about it. And this is included in your hosting plan, which can be as low as £8+VAT a month, or £51+VAT for an entire year. 

Prices and plans may change by time and vary by GEO location. Click here to check out available premium hosting plans!

If you want to keep your initial costs to the bare minimum, you can start with a Combo plan (£8+VAT if billed monthly) plus a domain (£11+VAT) and you are ready to go! For those who are confident about planning their business long term, I advise buying an annual plan. A secret tip comes into play here; don`t tell anyone: Wix offers 50% discount sales weekly (at least in the UK), when you can get the Unlimited plan for £51+VAT for the entire year. A free domain is included as a bonus, so this will be all of your costs for the entire year. And if you need help, their live customer service is available to assist you. (For some reason, prices vary due to GEO location. You will find slightly higher, but still competitive rates in the USA. You can check the available hosting plans here.)

So, Which is Better, WordPress or Wix?

To wrap it up quickly, WordPress is a great platform for those who know one or two things about coding, and profound IT experts may able to fine-tune some tiny bits in a more detailed fashion. Wix started as a superficial flash-based "toy," but the software has been through an incredible improvement in the last decade, and they are not planning to slow this progress down at all. It is still super-easy to use but has already reached the point at which it can offer everything that a small or medium-sized business needs. With Wix you will save a pretty chunk of money; you will also be in the driving seat and take full control over your website.

You can try the platform and build your website for completely free of charge. If you wish to connect your page to a custom domain and get rid of Wix ads, you will need to sign up for a premium plan, however, Wix still offers a 14-day money-back-guarantee in case you`d change your mind. So, there is nothing to lose.

The decision is yours but don`t forget, if you need further info or help about Wix, feel free to get in touch with me at any time.